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      Life went on very much the same at the post when there was only the infantry left in possession. As there was nothing to do at any time, there was nothing the less for that. On the principle that loneliness is greatest in a crowd, Stanton was more isolated now[Pg 183] than Grant had been in the days when there had been no railroad west of Kansas. The railroad was through the southwest now, but it was a hundred miles away. It was unsafe to ride outside the reservation, there was no one for hops, the only excitement was the daily addition to the list of slaughtered settlers. Felipa spent most of her time with the Ellton baby. Miss McLane had been married to Landor's second lieutenant for a year and a half, and they were very happy. But Felipa in the knowledge of the strength of her own love, which gained new might each time that she wrestled with it and threw it back upon the solid ground of duty, found their affection decidedly insipid. Like the majority of marital attachments, it had no especial dignity. It was neither the steadfast friendship she felt for her husband, nor the absolute devotion she would have given Cairness.

      "I have seen you before, Mrs. Landor," he said after a while.Hed fly over that swamp and see if the other belt had fallen out of the seaplaneand hed need a pilotso he got Jeff! Dick put the finishing touch to the revelation. Larry kept Tommy busy, so Mr. Whiteside got Jeff.

      No, admitted his pupil. I think superstition is just believing something somebody else tells you until you are so busy watching out for something to go wrong that you arent right on the job with your own workor you are so busy waiting for some good thing to happen that you dont see Opportunity when it comes up because youre not watching Opportunityyoure watching Luck, or Omens.

      How did you find out?

      Brewster avoided it, and became absorbed in making the tips of his fingers meet as he pressed his hands together.


      The problem was not answered, either by the continued gain in elevation or by the later change of plan.


      But that same night he picked two for their reputation of repeating all they knew, and took them into his own rooms and told his story to them. And he met once again with such success that when Landor rode into the post the next day at about guard-mounting, three officers, meeting him, raised their caps and passed on.


      "I wonder, my dear, what sort of air you breathed in your mother's restaurant at meal times?"